Weekly Sales Flyer

Borchardts Market FAMOUS RIB FEST is back this Friday (8/17/18)
11am – 7pm or until the ribs are gone!
Hot off the grill St. Louis Style Ribs
Full Rack – $9.99
Half Rack – $5.99
1 lb Potato or Macaroni Salad only $1.99!!

Let us cook lunch and dinner for you!
Stop by and snag some ribs hot off the grill!!

We at the Borchardt Brothers Market/Borchardts Market family are excited to introduce the OUR FAMILY brand to our shelves. This line will be replacing our SPARTAN brand products. The reason for the change is due to a merger between SPARTAN STORES & NASH FINCH, which is now SPARTANNASH.
Want to learn more? Click here > ourfamilyfoods.com